Saturday, September 13, 2008

Banksia Ornaments

I really like the looks of these ornaments.  I have decided that I like the longer, skinnier icicles on the ornaments.  I have drilled these on the top to put a light in them so they glow from the inside.  Starting from the top left to right.  Yellowheart, maple, tulipwood.  The middles are all banksia pods.  


Tara and Orlando said...

Can you email me your prices for the oraments? You are very talented.

Ruth said...

Wow! We love these. Your mom and dad said you have ours done. We are planning to be in Afton on Monday 10/13. We'd like to stop by in the early evening, pay you and give you some wood with personal significance to make more turnings for us. 'Hope this works for you. Russ & Ruth