Sunday, July 20, 2008


This is a walnut platter. I really like the two contrasting grains. My wife thinks it looks like a lid.

This bowl is made out of shee oak. I really like the grain pattern in this wood.

This is redwood burl. You can kind of make out the burl look in the picture on the right. I turned this bowl to under 1/8th of an inch thick and as I started to re-chuck the bowl it cracked and I couldn't finish the bottom.

This is an ambrosia maple bowl. You can see two spots where the beetle has gone through.

This is purpleheart. You can really tell how much light adds to the color. Notice how brownish the bottom the bowl looks, this is because it hasn't seen as much light as the rest of the bowl.

This is one of my first bowls. Its made out of padauk. I like the little bit of sap wood that you can see on the lip.


Bonny said...

josh, these are awesome!

Sharman said...

Those bowls are so beautiful! You are very talented.

Ruth said...

I can sure see your amazing progression of capability and refinement of talent. They're GREAT! I just love them!
Uncle Russ PS Is that carnuba wax finish?