Thursday, July 24, 2008

Candlestick and Box

This is made out of knobthorn. It is from Africa and it is very hard.

This is a silver maple box. It is big enough to hold a quarter inside.


Ruth said...

Knobthorn is a beautiful wood -- I've never seen it before -- I'd love to see a piece of it in person, to see if I'd like to make a wood tie out of it.
The box -- how do you get the walls so thin without shattering the wood? It seems like when you get so thin, the vibration alone would be enough to ruin the piece.
Uncle Russ

Anonymous said...

isn't a box squarish? this seems more like a boiled egg holder. maybe you could re-title this section.


Anonymous said...

i agree with the previous poster. "box" is false advertising.

Despain said...

Well in the world of woodturning it is called a box. Sorry for the misunderstanding.